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   NaturSac now offers an oxo-biodegradable stretch

                  film for professionals and consumers


NaturSac’s stretch film is a multi layer polyolefin approved for food contact. All components used in our stretch film are approved for food contact and are meeting 2002/72/CE standards. This stretch film is good for direct food contact for all type of foods including oils and fats. NaturSac’s stretch film combines savings and ecology. NaturSac’s stretch film is 100% biodegradable in 16 months as well as 100% recyclable. Its thin gauge allows you to use less film for the same application without affecting the mechanical properties of the film. Its unique features will allow you to package and or cover a wide variety of sizes with the same piece of film without affecting its easy cutting property.  




NATURCling NaturSac

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NEW! NATURcling® – a host of benefits... for professional or

home use. NATURcling® is a hygienic,

disposable hand-held film dispenser with safety blade.

The perfect complement to the film dispenser.


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Practical - easy to use and carry anywhere

Hygienic - disposable and recyclable case in moisture resistant PS.

Safe - patented safety blade cuts fi lm, not fingers.

Compact - hand held dispenser contains 100 m of film - equivalent to 3 or 4 traditional household rolls.



   - Dispenser rechargeable

      with houshold roll

      12"x  330' (1000 m)

   - Refill  (12'' de large x 330' long)



NATURFood Professional

  • Stretch films for fresh food packaging

    A wide range of applications for food producers and retailers. 



  • Good cling

  • Easy cutting

  • Excellent sealability

  • Good memory and resistance to perforation

  • Glossy film, with good transparency



- Width 18'' x 4920' length


VERY SOON ! rolls and cutter box


- Width 15''

- Width 12''



Other sizes and dimensions available on  speciale order




- Width 20'' x 5120' length

- Width 30'' x 6000' length

Other sizes and dimensions available on  speciale order


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