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NaturSac research and development group is currently focused

on 2 specific areas.

Sugar Cane based Polyethylene:

Sugar Cane based Polyethylene  is made out of Ethanol  which becomes Ethylene after a dehydration process. The final product (Polyethylene) is identical to Naphta or Gas based Polyethylene, therefore maintaining the physical properties for conversion into plastics products and also maintains its recycling properties.

The Polyethylene is now made of a renewable source, or also known as renewable polyethylene. 

The raw material ( Sugar Cane ) availability is not a problem, as a matter of fact it will also contribute to some country’s business development. 

Unlike starch that comes for the most part from corn, Sugar Cane does not affect or impact any food demand. 

The actual usage of starch ( extracted from corn ) in other applications then food ( gas, bags etc…) is causing serious shortages in the food chain supply world wide.

 Amino acid based plastic film:

 Amino acids are found in agricultural byproducts such as poultry feathers. Amino acids are under development as components of a range of biodegradable polymers. The main feature is that as soon as placed in anaerobic environment such as a landfill it will totally disappear in 2 weeks. 

Amino acids based polymers are perfectly and totally compostable.

 Amino acid base polymers are currently used in pharmaceutical in surgical applications.


28 janvier 2009



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